On the Importance of Wearing White Pants

The infamous white dress pants

I didn’t wear white pants for years. Years. And it’s not, as you might imagine, that I didn’t like white pants. On the contrary. I gazed enviously at women who wore them, longing for a pair of my own.

I dog-eared pages in Real Simple and Vogue, examples, I thought, of white pants worn well. I repeatedly presented them to my besties who never failed to remind me, “You know you can’t wear white pants.” Of course not. No size 12 woman should ever wear white pants. Their unwritten rule became mine.

Until one day I snapped. It took me about a year, but I de-friended the so-called friends. I went to Nordstrom and bought a pair of white dress pants. Then another friend bought me a pair of white jeans. I felt like such a rebel.

And do you know what? I wear them all of the time. And no one has ever stopped me on the street to tell me I should really reconsider. Not once. In fact when I wear them I feel great.

And do you know the best part? Of all of the clothes in my closet, my friend Amanda Needham (who just happens to be a stylist to the stars) chose to dress me in those white dress pants for my photo shoot.

How’s that for vindication? Take that, bitches!

Moral: Listen to yourself. Be yourself. Don’t be a sheep. Wear white pants if you want to. Especially if you’re being told not to.


About Mary Rarick

Caffeine-addicted hyphen enthusiast, grammar geek and former editor; lover of shoes, vacuum cleaner tracks and compelling content; enthusiastic, perennial cause adopter; hash tag abuser, connector and social media strategist.
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7 Responses to On the Importance of Wearing White Pants

  1. You are so right on so many levels! 🙂

  2. Mary Rarick says:

    Thanks, Andy, Kathy and Jan!

  3. Right on Mary! I wore white pants as a size 3 and still wear them as a size 12.
    Past skinny bitch

  4. Mary Rarick says:

    I just saw your comment, Joanne and it cracked me up. Now the next issue is this: do you wear your white pants after Labor Day?

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