Always Be Yourself

I was taken aback when my friend Jan recently explained to me that I am “the most progressive” of all of her friends. She explained that normally she’d expect someone like me, with leftward political leanings, to express opinions on Facebook and Twitter that offended her.

She went on to tell me that not only did my social media posts not offend her but that she actually looked forward to them because she often learned something.

Our conversation reinforced the following point:

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions in social media. But you should always do so with respect. Intelligent people don’t mind hearing well-presented opposing point of view. In fact they welcome it.


About Mary Rarick

Caffeine-addicted hyphen enthusiast, grammar geek and former editor; lover of shoes, vacuum cleaner tracks and compelling content; enthusiastic, perennial cause adopter; hash tag abuser, connector and social media strategist.
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2 Responses to Always Be Yourself

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    Very true. Why is it that so many people are afraid to disagree? We can all still be friends and not agree. 😉

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