Do you ever wonder what’s going on when I disappear (don’t blog)? I never know if you wonder or if I should just resume as if nothing ever happened.

In case you’re curious, I was out of town and “off the grid” for nearly a week. At first it was difficult, even with the Blackberry, to be so disconnected. While I allowed myself to read a few Facebook posts and tweets, I tried to refrain from responding. By the end of the week, the web’s hold was so weak that I hardly checked at all.

I high recommend unplugging in order to recharge. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


About Mary Rarick

Caffeine-addicted hyphen enthusiast, grammar geek and former editor; lover of shoes, vacuum cleaner tracks and compelling content; enthusiastic, perennial cause adopter; hash tag abuser, connector and social media strategist.
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One Response to Unplugged

  1. Linda Cohen says:

    Sounds wonderful. I think we are way to plugged in as a society! Thanks for the reminder.


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